Door Stop Santa comes to your house, keeps his distance, safely visits your kids

CLEVELAND — The Christmas lights are shining bright and there’s decorations galore, but something’s been missing.

“We didn’t want to take them into the mall with all the big crowds and things this year,” said Joe Marmol.

One company has a solution.

Visits with Santa may be fewer and further between this year but Door Stop Santa is bringing joy right to your front steps.

“Santa’s been stopping in to see the good girls and boys, making sure they’re keeping up the good work,” said Door Stop Santa Claus.

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Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus, right down your very own lane!


That’s right! Santa has heard the cries of exasperated parents everywhere! Long lines, tired kids, UNSAFE environments and EXPENSIVE pictures…the list goes on and on…


Here is the answer to all those unmanageable issues…. An OUTSIDE visit from Door Stop Santa!


Door Stop Santa is here to Ho HO HO away those long Santa lines. He will keep your kids happy and safe with an OUTSIDE visit at their very own home. This affords you the opportunity, if you so choose, to take all the FREE pictures your heart desires!


No line... Happy children... FREE photo opportunities...
Safe outdoor, contact less visit... Merry Christmas!


Much to your child’s delight, Door Stop Santa will personally visit the OUTSIDE of their very own home this season.

With a hearty HO! HO! HO! and a super safe encounter with everyone’s favorite jolly old soul, your children will be thrilled by the experience of having Santa visit their very own home! Just think of the joy and delight on your child’s face as they see Santa stop by to say, “Merry Christmas”! They will be completely captivated by his jolly demeanor and personalized words of merry-ness! Surely there’s nothing that says to a child, “You are special” than a personal visit from Santa himself! For all your little super Santa fans, this is THE experience you won’t want them to miss!

**Please know that, IF you so desire, we have touchless outdoor photo opportunity suggestions that you can use to take as many pictures as you want of this unforgettable memory!  You can find these suggestions in the FAQ section.

What to expect

Here’s how it works


Your Terms

Santa visits your home on your terms, when it is convenient for you, and stays OUTSIDE. He arrives at your doorstep at a time you select and has a memorable chat with the kiddos imparting some word of encouragement to keep up (or start up) good behavior! He even has a perfect gift for each child to help ‘gently’ remind them that Santa and his elves are always watching; So they better watch out, better not cry, better not pout or pull each other’s hair out… Door Stop Santa is coming to town!



So how can you let Santa know you would love a visit? A quick click or two and you will be all set. Scheduling and reserving your visit is all done online, right here, on this site at the ‘Schedule Our Visit’ page.


Fast & Safe

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s safe… and if you promptly reserve your spot, it’s guaranteed that Door Stop Santa will be coming down your street, too!

**Please know that, IF you so desire, we have touchless outdoor photo opportunity suggestions that you can use to
take as many pictures as you want of this unforgettable memory!  You can find these suggestions in the FAQ section.

Limited Availability. Book Today!

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Meet Santa's Door Stop Helpers

Indeed, a visit from Door Stop Santa will bring the chatter of excitement and a twinkle in your child’s eye.

Certainly, there is not a more satisfying feeling as a parent than knowing your child is happy and creating cherished memories that will last a life-time. Give the gift of childhood wonder and immerse yourself in the joy of a very merry Christmas moment!

Here is a glimpse of the Door Stop Santas that will be out and about this year!
NEW THIS YEAR: Authentic Bearded Santas! That’s right, in addition to our standard (synthetic) bearded Santas, Door Stop Santa now has authentic bearded Santas! Perfect option for those kiddies that need extra reassurance that Santa REALLY does exist!

Santa Cal

Authentic Bearded Santa
Santa Cal: Has been married for 33 years. He has been a professional Santa Claus for about 7 years performing at private parties and various city. Most recently he was the Santa for the City of Painesville's Tree Lighting Ceremony.

Santa Bow

Authentic Bearded Santa
Santa Bow: Has been a professional Santa Claus for about 7 years. He was a Santa on the CVRR Polar Express for several years. He has he also hosted the Tree Lighting Ceremony for Rocky River and Canal Fulton.

Santa Ty

Standard (Synthetic) Bearded Santa
Standard Santa Ty: Is delighted to bring the joy and wonders of Christmas this year. He has been an actor for several years and has worked with several of the local theatre companies in our area.

Your Merry Christmas Awaits!

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Read the most frequently asked questions below.

When does Door Stop Santa come?

Select a time from the ‘Schedule Our Visit’ tab. There you can identify when Door Stop Santa will be in your area and you can select an available time from there. Please note that selected visits are not reserved until full payment has been secured.

How do I know Door Stop Santa has arrived?

Listen for the jingling of bells and a hearty HO! HO! HO! at your designated door stop during your preselected time.

Is Door Stop Santa’s gift safe for all ages?

Door Stop Santa’s gift is safe for children over three per manufacturer’s label. It does have jingle bells attached so, if preferred for younger children, Door Stop Santa can deliver an under 3 option instead. Please note preference when scheduling your visit.

How long does Door Stop Santa’s visit last?

Our visits are two to three times LONGER than a mall Santa visit. Studies show that it has been determined that a 6 to 9-minute visit delivers enough magic to create an unforgettable memory in the mind of a child. The objective is to create an experience that keeps the children in awe and enchanted with the wonders of the season.

How safe is a Door Stop Santa visit?

All Door Stop Santas are background checked and Covid tested. We adhere to daily Covid screening guidelines and Santas spray after every visit with an organic disinfectant that meets the WHO’s guidelines to kill Coronavirus strains and many other pathogens. For specifics on the disinfectant used please visit FOGdogs.org.

What if I have to reschedule?

Rescheduling is an option ONLY if there is a time slot available in your area. Refunds are given for cancelations requested 48 hours before your scheduled visit. Door Stop Santa will do everything possible to help accommodate a rescheduling request.

How can I take pictures safely?

Door Stop Santa has a few suggestions:
1) Put a jacket and boots on the kids and send them out to stand next to Santa. Santa will hold his big bag of toys over his shoulder with BOTH hands as to eliminate any chance of contact.
2) Mom or Dad can throw on a coat and step outside. Door Stop Santa can turn around and stand outside the door with the child(ren) inside and flanked by his sides. Again, Door Stop Santa will have BOTH hands on his bag of toys to eliminate any chance of contact.
3) Please note: Door Stop Santa cannot be held responsible for any child reaching out to touch him! We ask that parents help remove any child that may latch onto his leg 😉

How many children / families can be present during a Door Stop Santa visit?

We find that many families share an awesome Door Stop Santa experience together. This is never a problem. Just know that Santa is prepared to visit three children. There is an additional fee of $6.00 per child after that. Please note that Door Stop Santa’s visit length is not extended.

Door Stop Santa’s Inclement Weather Policy

Door Stop Santa will make every effort to visit promptly as scheduled. If there are unexpected weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances that delay his visit, we will contact you via TEXT at the number you provide us. (We do not call as we do not want to spoil the surprise of the visit.) If an expected snow storm is forecasted, Door Stop Santa will call you at least 24 hours in advance to reschedule. If a level 3 weather emergency occurs in your area, Door Stop Santa will call to reschedule as soon as we are aware of the issued emergency.

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Have yourself a merry little Christmas!